Does Your Skin Depict Your Health?

You can manage to keep a healthy looking skin by using all kinds of creams and serums, and other regimens, but that doesn’t mean that you can manage to have a really healthy skin. As you may have heard, all that glitters is not gold. Your skin may look great after all kinds of treatments, but it will look radiant only if it is healthy from within. Now, do you know that your skin actually speaks a lot about your health? Yes, it’s true! The colour and texture of your skin speaks volumes about your health. While we generally have an even skin tone, there are many people who have pigmented skin. Any kind of changes in pigmentation, or any kinds of patches and marks on the skin can mean to be a symptom of an illness or malfunctioning. So, you always need to be on the lookout for the same.

When you are out in the sun for longer hours, your skin may gradually start becoming dull and dark. This is because excessive sun exposure can result in structural changes in your skin that may come up as drastic instant changes, or changes that can be seen only years later. This structural change is because the sun’s rays can speed up on the activation of your skin cells that produce melanin – the pigment that gives the skin its colour. Darker skin has more melanin, which makes such people more prone to a skin disorder known as melasma. It is characterized by brown or tan patches on the face, which is caused by changes in the hormone levels. Another common condition seen is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation that can be caused by trauma to the skin like acne and bug bites which leave dark spots behind.

All the above problems and many other skin disorders mean that the skin is not healthy, clearly showing that the individual is not complete on his health too. If you start experiencing any such problems on your skin, no matter where it may be, you need to immediately get in touch with a professional dermatologist who can diagnose your condition and prescribe you the most appropriate treatment. This could include medications, therapies, procedures like , laser for skin pigmentation in Mumbai! One of the best clinics where such laser treatment is provided is Dr. Marwah’s Clinic, where the most advanced skin laser treatments- PicoWay, Revlite and Medlite, are provided to treat patients of all kinds of skin problems.

To have a healthy skin that looks radiant, there are quite a few things that you can do. While you can do nothing to alter the way your hormones work, there are certain small habits that you can put into yourself to help your skin even to the slightest extent. For example, you must drink plenty of water throughout the day, no matter how hot or cold the weather is. Next, you must have a healthy diet consisting more of fresh fruits and green vegetables. Other than that, whenever you move out into the sun, you must make sure that you are all covered in scarves, gloves, sunglasses, hats, etc. And, you must also apply an SPF 30 sunscreen whenever you have to go out during the day. This will prevent the sun’s rays from damaging your skin very easily.

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