Liquid rhinoplasty- Everything you need to know about Non-surgical nose fillers

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty or Nose Fillers, has become one of the most buzzing topics online in recent years. Most of the people who like to reshape their nose undergo this process. This treatment is painless, time-saving and if you don’t like the end results you can reverse the process easily. This is an aesthetic treatment used to reshape the nose using injectable fillers. 

Nose reshaping is one of the popular surgical cosmetic procedures in the United States. Well, the traditional rhinoplasty is the surgery that changes the shape of the nose permanently.  This process requires anesthesia and needs time to heal. However, we offer non-surgical nose fillers at our clinic.

How does the process work to correct the imperfect nose?

Before injecting the fillers, numbing cream is used to numb the nose skin, and then the filler or the Botox is injected into the skin. The fillers are used to correct the camouflage issues such as a bump on the nose, straightening the nose tip or crooked nose, etc. in case you don’t like the end results, the fillers can be dissolved. This is called the reversing procedure and is one of the greatest advantages of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

This process is pretty painless compared to the surgical nose job. Well, some may feel discomfort for a short time during the process. However, the entire process takes only a few minutes and within one hour you can get back to your normal schedule. 

What can liquid rhinoplasty do?

The fillers add volume to your nose and make it straight or larger. This will cure the bump and reshape your nose. Finally, you will get an attractive facial look. If you have a smaller sized nose or if you wish to make your nose straighter or modify your nose tip, this is the right treatment for you. Nose reshaping without surgery is really an amazing process of treatment with no side effects.

The fillers are removed through injection in case you aren’t satisfied with the fillers, the enzyme injection will dissolve the fillers and your nose will be back to the normal shape.

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