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All of us have heard this quote 

                                          “Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.”

which is 100% accurate.

But deep down inside we all admire the beauty of celebrities and wonder, How are they so beautiful? What is the secret behind their beauty? What do they do to achieve these beauty goals? 

We all have some certain beauty goals we want to accomplish. Therefore, we keep trying home remedies, new facials as well as expensive creams, and in the end, the outcome always disappoints us, thereby leaving us where we started. 

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but then why is it that there are few faces which are liked by most of us? What if we told you that there’s science behind beauty, there is a mathematical ratio through which we can measure the beauty of a person’s face and can determine whether or not they fit in the criteria of beauty goals. 

True facial beauty relies on the delectating proportions of your features, with the exception of your complexion which is basically predicated on pellucidity, texture, and tone. It is more than about making you look younger—it is about maximizing your individual beauty to its full potential with an efficacious treatment that engenders a harmonious balance predicated on the “Golden Ratio”, additionally kenned as the “divine” proportion. 

What is the Golden Ratio?

The Golden Ratio is defined as a linear cognation divided between two components, with the smaller part being approximately half of the larger part. The Golden Ratio and Phi (1.618) occur frequently in the natural world to define what is aesthetically gratifying, and for this reason, celebrities, and other artists apply it to enhance their oeuvre(bodywork).

To evaluate proportions of the human face through several measurements and calculations, the golden ratio is taken into consideration. It provides valuable information about a person’s subsisting level of facial symmetry, and in some cases may accommodate as an objective guide for amending facial harmony. 

Achieving the Golden Ratio with Botox and Fillers

You can subtly enhance your facial features to make them more harmonious with the concept of true facial beauty. Therefore, with a sophisticated aesthetic sense, our injectable specialists Dr.Harvinder Marwah and Dr.Gurjot Marwah at Dr.Marwah’s Clinic in Mumbai apply their construal of the “divine” proportion to maximize your beauty potential with BOTOX and injectable fillers. 

Injectable treatments offer a profoundly safe and efficacious way to enhance symmetry and achieve a more balanced, alluring appearance. In fact, a skilled and talented injector can apply Botox and dermal fillers to lift, plump, define and smooth the face so that features line up more proximately with the golden ratio. Botox and fillers target and redress irregularities in a matter of minutes, without any disruption to your schedule. It’s no wonder that more patients are opting to enhance facial proportions with filler-predicated nose fillers/liquid rhinoplasty, chin augmentations, and facelifts.

After all, true beauty is about making you look more appealing in the eyes of anyone who is visually examining your face.

If you optate to amend your facial proportions with the best botox and dermal fillers in Mumbai, you can call Dr.Marwah’s skin, hair, laser, and cosmetic centre today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly skilled and talented injectors to achieve the golden ratio.

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