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Dermatologists can easily tighten moderately slack or “crepey” skin on the face, neck, and body using non-surgical skin tightening, allowing patients to improve their look while delaying the need for surgery.

Non-surgical skin tightening techniques work by heating deeper layers of skin with focused energy, stimulating collagen and elastin formation and gradually improving skin tone and texture. Some cellulite treatments also damage fibrous tissue, which helps to reduce cellulite. On the market, there are a variety of FDA-approved skin tightening treatments and technologies, each with its own method for achieving the desired outcome.


Why should you think about non-surgical skin tightening?

Collagen and elastin, two elements that keep our skin lush, tight, and flawless, slow down as we mature, resulting in slack, drooping skin on the face, neck, and body. Non-surgical skin tightening can temporarily stop the effects of ageing and reestablish a firmer, smoother, more youthful look with little to no downtime if you’re disturbed by skin laxity.


Skin tightening without surgery has a lot of advantages –

  • Without surgery or scars, tightens mild to moderately loose skin on the face, neck, or body.
  • A pronounced “lifting” effect can be achieved using a variety of procedures.
  • There is little to no downtime required.
  • When conducted by a trained physician, there is a very minimal chance of side effects.
  • Treatments may usually be completed in one hour or less in the office.
  • Results can definitely last upto 1 year.


Restrictions –

  • Following treatment, results occur gradually over several weeks or months.
  • To obtain the desired effects, many treatments may be required.
  • To keep the effects, the treatment will need to be done on a regular basis.
  • More advanced skin drooping, such as noticeable jowling or stretched skin after pregnancy or weight reduction, is ineffective.

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