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Ear Piercing

What is the meaning of ear piercing?

Piercing your ears is rather widespread, with the lobes being the most pierced. Ear piercing is done on people of all ages for a multitude of reasons.

Piercing is a matter of style and individuality for some, while it is a matter of culture for others. People frequently have their ears pierced during puberty, however, the timing may be influenced by culture. In numerous cultures, babies’ ears are pierced.


What are the different kinds of ear piercings?


Auricle Piercing: 

Auricle piercings are identical to anti-tragus piercings, except they are located between your lobe and helix.


Ear Lobe Piercing:  

It’s usually found in the centre of the earlobe and allows you to wear a variety of earrings, the most popular of which being stud earrings.


What should you expect during your ear piercing?

  • All ears have asymmetry, which means one ear hangs lower than the other. Your ears will be marked by the dermatologist to ensure that they are placed uniformly from the face to the end of the ear lobe.
  • Before piercing, they acquire clearance for the site, and they encourage adjustments to the markings. Both piercing and performing are done at the same time to reduce discomfort and strain.


What are some of the benefits of having a medical piercing?

Medical ear piercing has a number of advantages, including:

  • Reduced risk of infection and negative reactions.
  • Ear piercing by a trained professional may also help with the treatment of certain conditions.


Is medical ear piercing painful?

You may experience some discomfort throughout the process. The piercing is normally safe and produces minimum discomfort when done by a doctor with the correct equipment, including the disposable cartridge.


Why should you have your ears pierced at Dr. Marwah’s Clinic?

We use the most up-to-date US FDA-approved ear piercing equipment at Dr. Marwah’s Clinic. It is fully sanitary, and the doctor does the piercing without ever touching the studs.

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