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Stretch Marks Treatment by E2

Stretch marks, also known as striae, are scarring that develops on the skin’s dermis. Stretch marks appear during times when the body is rapidly growing, such as adolescence, pregnancy, or significant weight gain.

Stretch marks are caused by a variety of factors.

Skin that is healthy and youthful has a degree of elasticity that allows it to stretch and respond to some degree of growth and expansion. It does, however, have its limitations. When skin is stretched too far, it can change the texture of the skin, causing stretch marks that are darker than the surrounding skin or seem glossy or “silvery.”

Stretch marks are more common in patients who gain and lose a lot of weight, pregnant women, teenagers and young adults going through “growth spurts,” and elderly persons whose skin has lost some of its natural suppleness. Hormonal changes, particularly variations in corticosteroid levels, can damage collagen fibres, one of the key components of skin that provides firmness and resilience, contributing to the formation of stretch marks.


Can you use over-the-counter medicines to cure stretch marks?

There are hundreds of solutions on the market today that promise to minimise or even eradicate stretch marks, but for the vast majority of patients, these procedures will yield little to no results.

Because over-the-counter treatments are meant to penetrate the top layers of skin to soften it superficially, they don’t address the underlying causes of stretch marks.


How can Dr. Marwah’s Clinic’s dermatologist remove stretch marks?

Stretch marks can be removed using laser treatments by dermatologists. Stretch marks are reduced and skin looks and feels tighter, smoother, and more robust thanks to the laser’s highly concentrated, powerful energy, which allows precision targeting of tissues responsible for stretch marks and promotes the creation of new collagen. The laser system employs cutting-edge technology to provide more uniform outcomes, regardless of skin tone, texture, or thickness.

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