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Botox for anti-ageing

Botox and Fillers rely on different principles to treat lines, folds, and wrinkles. Botox relaxes muscles, whilst Fillers redistribute volume and plumps tissues. In fact, combining the two treatments can provide more natural, gorgeous results than any of them alone.

One of the most widely recognized things people need to treat is exuberant wrinkles that occur through muscle compressions. The scowl lines over the brow and the two vertical lines between the eyebrows begin to embed in the skin and don’t fade away even when the facial muscles are relaxed. Anti-wrinkle injections are the most favoured anti-maturing arrangement around the world, with no long haul reactions.

Dr Marwah’s clinic in Mumbai comprehends your fervent need to look flawless at gatherings and occasions that you have been anticipating.

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