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Ultraformer III

Global Leader In Multi-Depth Ultrasound Procedures (HIFU)

What is ULTRAFORMER III? The ULTRAFORMER Ⅲ is a completely non-invasive, face lifting and tightening, body tightening and contouring device that provides a customized treatment procedure for the entire face, neck and body.

Is the treatment painful?

The Ultraformer III delivers a comfortable procedure with its uniquely-designed transducer system developed only by CLASSYS. Many patients and practitioners report that the ULTRAFORMER III, in comparison with other devices, delivers minimal pain with slight discomfort to the face or body, through sensations quickly subside immediately following treatment. At Dr. Marwah’s Clinic you will get a combination of both micro and macro.

Advantages of this procedure are:-

  1. No Downtime and Non-Invasive.
  2. Time Efficient and Convenient.
  3. Minimal Pain.
  4. Face and Body Application.
  5. Customized Treatment Plan.
  6. Combination of Micro and Macro.
  7. Multi-depth Focused cartridges.

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