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Dr. Gurjot Marwah

Dr Gurjot Marwah


Dr.Gurjot Marwah, is a board certified Dermatologist and Hair Transplant Surgeon at Dr. Marwah’s Clinic based in Mumbai, India.
Besides excellence in clinical dermatology, he has his expertise in aesthetics, body contouring, and hair restoration. He has accentuated and fine-tuned numerous beautiful faces, tresses, and helped his patients obtain the long-desired, chiselled features. He upholds his beliefs by personalizing the process for each person who enters the building in accordance with their needs and expectations.

Amongst his other achievements, Dr. Gurjot also has also achieved other academic and professional milestones like:
– Co-authoring the book, ‘Handbook of Dermatology, Venerology and S.T.D’.
– 11 publications in international and national journals.
– Presented papers at a number of international and national conferences.
Dr. Marwah’s clinic is restoring alluring healthfulness by answering every beauty question that you have ever had, since past 33 years. And it only gets bigger and better.

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