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VTRAC for Psoriasis and Vitiligo

VTRAC Excimer Laser

The VTRAC laser is an excimer laser that employs ultraviolet radiation to treat psoriasis in various forms. US FDA has approved VTRAC for the treatment of psoriasis and other skin disorders. It can assist to lessen the appearance of psoriasis spots. Although it is not recommended as a first-line treatment for psoriasis, there is evidence that it can help lessen or eliminate skin symptoms.


What is the VTRAC laser?


Psoriasis patients have long relied on light treatment, also known as phototherapy, to alleviate symptoms and speed up the healing process. The Excimer laser, of which VTRAC is one brand, operates at a wavelength of 308 nanometers and works in the same way as phototherapy but with speedier effects. To target the DNA of T cells, the laser employs a highly concentrated type of ultraviolet (UV) B radiation.

T cells are white blood cells that play an important role in immunity. Scientists think that psoriasis is caused by an immune system problem involving T cells, which leads to alterations in skin growth and plaque formation. The laser operates through a variety of ways to enhance the look of psoriasis plaques. One of these mechanisms appears to affect the immune system, including the T cells. 

Benefits of VTRAC laser for Psoriasis : 

  • Rapid, visible results: 

Excimer lasers can successfully and rapidly enhance the look of psoriasis plaques.

  • Alternative treatment: 

Some people prefer not to use other psoriasis medications or find that they cannot tolerate the side effects. Others may have resistant regions that don’t respond to topical treatment and might benefit from the addition of an excimer laser.

  • Relatively well tolerated :

The side effects of excimer lasers tend to be minimal, and treatment is not usually painful.

  • No recovery needed :

Excimer lasers can target particular parts of the skin, preventing harm to skin that is not affected by psoriasis.

  • Low UV exposure: 

In traditional phototherapy, huge portions of skin are exposed to UV radiation. Excimer laser treatment can be used to target a specific location, lowering the chance of complications in other body parts.


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Benefits of VTRAC laser for Vitiligo :


  • Effective Results :

With proven results, VTRAC can treat relatively large areas in minutes.

  • Quick Session:

Treatments for vitiligo with VTRAC are substantially faster than traditional phototherapy light sessions.

  • Painless:

Treatments are painless and have few negative effects.

  • No Drugs :

There’s no need for messy products or a daily skincare routine.

  • Risks :


For the treatment to be effective, it must be repeated, which might take time. Lesions that are stubborn or large in size may take longer to heal.

Cost :

Excimer laser therapy may be covered by some insurance plans, although the conditions differ. A person may be required to attempt alternative therapies first, and they will almost always be required to satisfy a deductible or pay a copayment.

Discomfort :

Although excimer laser treatment is very painless, some patients report burning or a hot feeling during the operation.

Side Effects  :

Side effects tend to be minimal, especially compared with medications such as steroids and biologics. However, they may include:

  • Redness (in light skin) or purpleness (in dark skin)
  • Blisters
  • Temporary pain
  • Pigmentation changes

If blisters form, a person should leave them to dry out and not pop them. The treated skin can become infected, but this is uncommon. A person will normally continue to use their regular medication alongside laser treatment, but they should speak to their doctor before having the treatment.

Why should you choose a VTRAC laser?

Unlike conventional light therapies, the VTRAC excimer laser delivers a highly targeted therapeutic beam of UVB light to areas of the skin affected by psoriasis, vitiligo, or atopic dermatitis without harming the surrounding skin so you can 



Before VTRAC Excimer Laser TreatmentAfter VTRAC Excimer Laser Treatment

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