PicoWay – When You Want A Spotless Clear Skin

Ashamed of your pigmented skin, dark spots, or freckles? Or, want to get that tattoo off of your skin that screams the name of the one who broke your heart? All of these problems can become things of the past with PicoWay, the latest laser technology that can zap away all that unwanted colour and irregularities from your skin. While there are many other laser treatments that can help you with the above mentioned problems too, PicoWay can bring you better results with fewer treatment sessions and minimal discomfort. Let us see how this is made possible.

What Is Picoway?

With PicoWay, the laser light is targeted at unwanted pigment areas in ultrashort picoseconds pulses. In fact, it uses 40% shorter pulses as compared to other lasers, which allows it to break up the pigment into smaller particles, which makes it easier for the body to clear away the particles, yielding faster results. PicoWay has a concentrated high-power energy that is delivered ultra-fast to targeted treatment areas, and it also emits lesser heat energy than traditional lasers which does not harm the surrounding skin, and makes the treatment comfortable. Moreover, it can be adjusted to work with any skin tone; thus proving to be effective for all skin types.


The Process

Even though safe and effective, during your first visit, the laser will be tested on a small area of your skin to determine if it is a good option for you. If it proves right, the treatment will be carried out on all your pigmented areas. Immediately after the treatment, a cold compress will be applied to soothe the treated area, or a topical antibiotic ointment may be recommended. You will be advised not to scrub the treated area with abrasive skin cleansers for the first few days. Slowly and gradually, the lesions will get back to your normal skin tone. Depending upon your skin and the effectiveness of the laser on the skin, you may or may not require additional treatments after the first one. The location, depth, size, and type of pigmentation decide upon the number of treatments required. Some problems may require several treatments, whereas others can be resolved in a single session.


So, whether it is pigmentation, freckles, dark spots, lentigines, Nevus of Ota, Café-au-lait spots, or melasma you are suffering from, PicoWay is the path you should tread. Take care of even the most minor imperfections and make your skin appear brighter and clearer with PicoWay. Call Dr. Marwah’s Clinic to schedule a consultation if you want to resolve any such skin colouration issues. Here, the most advanced skin laser treatments are used by a team of experienced skin specialists to treat all kinds of skin problems. While there are many treatment options available like RevLite laser, chemical peels, Cosmelan treatment, microdermabrasion, injection, and vitiligo surgery, PicoWay has been proven to be the mother of all lasers! Get in touch with the best skin laser specialist in Mumbai, and book an appointment now!

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