What Does Thermage Feel Like?

Thermage is the non-invasive skin tightening procedure that helps lift the skin of various areas of the body like face, eyelids, neck, chest, and hands. You can choose for the entire face to be lifted by treating the jaws and cheeks, or you can choose only one part of the face like the forehead, eyebrows, jaws, cheeks, or the area under the chin. But, how is this possible, you may wonder. Radiofrequency energy is used to create a uniform heating effect in the deep dermis of the skin. The gentle heating tightens the existing collagen, and stimulates the production of new collages, which reduces wrinkles and achieves cheek lifting, brow lifting, and jaw line lifting. All of this results in a more youthful appearance.

So, what does Thermage feel like? To understand how the entire procedure feels, you need to understand what the process is about. First, a gentle cleanser is used to clean up your face. Then, a small rubber patch is placed on your abdomen. First, one side of the face will be treated. Pulse by pulse, the doctor will do multiple passes. Once the treatment is done on one side, you will be shown the difference between both the sides of the face. After the treatment, you will start looking younger and feeling more confident. However, not everyone notices immediate results. It has been surveyed that around 85% patients observe immediate skin tightening, while others may experience tightening after a few months. So, if you don’t experience immediate effects after the skin tightening treatment, worry not! The effects will be seen slowly and gradually. No matter how long it takes to see the results, but the results last long. Generally, the results are observed to last for around 2 years, or even more than that in some cases.

During the treatment, you will feel a brief sensation of heat every time the Thermage is pulsed. But, there is nothing to worry about. In spite of the heat, your skin won’t be affected. This is because the device monitors the surface temperature of the skin and applies a cooling cryogen spray that is delivered before, during, and after the application of heat. This makes the entire procedure very comfortable, and not painful. So, you can easily spend those 1-2 hours of treatment comfortably in your seat. You can return to your normal activities immediately after the treatment, which means no time wasted. You can also apply all kinds of creams and makeup after the treatment, as it will cause no harm. There could be a little redness and swelling, but it slowly disappears, which means no discomfort can be felt.

A single skin tightening session may be enough, but at times, it may also require another treatment after 6 months for final results. After that, maintenance will be required every 1-2 years. So, get in touch with Dr. Marwah’s Clinic and have the best skin tightening treatment in Mumbai, where Thermage with Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) is used.

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